Small Caps Are Set for a Revival

The Opportunity in Canadian Small Cap Growth


A portfolio of Canadian small cap growth stocks can be both additive to returns and complementary to an investor’s existing core equity holdings. It is an opportunity to find diversification to domestic large cap holdings, without incurring either the currency risk of international securities, or the liquidity risk that comes from private market investments.

The small cap segment of the stock market is typically underfollowed by other investors and, thus, provides more potential for a high-quality manager to outperform. In Canada, this universe also provides access to growth industries that are in more limited supply in the larger cap space.

Companies in these industries have been issuing capital at the highest rate in many years, adding to the breadth and depth of the market. Moreover, the relentless selling pressure on Canadian stocks from pension funds reducing domestic holdings is likely to subside or reverse as plans reach their target level of diversification.

For these reasons, Pembroke believes that Canadian small caps are set for a revival.

Pembroke invests in public companies with attractive long-term growth opportunities, who can finance their own growth, and which are overseen by management teams whose interests are aligned with shareholders.

Pembroke’s Canadian Growth Strategy has outperformed both the S&P TSX Composite and Small Cap indices over 5, 10, and 20 years.

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