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Learn More About Yourself as an Investor

Human nature and emotions play a central role in your financial decision-making process. 

To help you better understand yourself as an investor, Pembroke would like to offer you, your family and your friends complimentary access to the Intelligo investor personality assessment tool by Syntoniq.

The Intelligo report provides another perspective on how you think about your investments. It allows you to go beyond the standard time horizon and risk tolerance questions.  

By learning about your own investor personality, you will be able to make better investment decisions over time. 


What is your reflection style? How do you think about wealth management and achieving financial success


What are your behaviours, and how can they help you and hold you back from achieving your financial goals?


Are you forward-looking when it comes to finance or do you tend to focus on the present or, even, on the past?

Why Behavioral Finance Matters?

Behavioural finance deals with the psychology of financial decision-making. When it comes to financial decisions, we all would like to believe that we are rational human beings with consistent goals and self-interest.

In reality, this is not always the case. To have bias and emotion is human. Unconscious preferences and behavioural factors can have outsized influence on your decisions, thus directly impacting your long-term financial well-being.

This is why understanding behavioural finance and building awareness can make all the difference

In planning and investing, many errors are the result of psychology:

  • Overconfidence resulting in concentrated portfolios or overtrading
  • Acting impulsively based on market events or media information
  • Holding on to beliefs despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary
  • Hesitance in making any decision in fear of regretting the decision

“More than 92% of investors feel the result was accurate and helped them get better at financial decision-making.”


Why the Intelligo tool?

Syntoniq’s Intelligo is a scientifically validated psychometric assessment rooted in behavioral finance. It enables individuals to gain an in-depth understanding of the behavioral levers that influences their financial decision-making.

Intelligo is based on more than thirty years of research in psychology, behavioral science, and finance. It measures key cognitive and behavioral factors.

It measures key cognitive and emotional factors. The assessment can be completed in less than 10 minutes. Upon completion, a comprehensive report is generated that outlines key behavioural insights and a personalized risk analysis. This comprehensive report will be emailed directly to you, and a Pembroke representative will contact you to answer any questions you might have.

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